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Architecture Marketing Podcast #7: Warwick Mihaly

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Warwick Mihaly is a director of Mihaly Slocombe Architects in Melbourne. Warwick is a leader in the architecture profession. He is instrumental in championing positive change within the industry through mentoring the next generation of architects through lecturing, as a Director of Member Services at ArchiTeam, Practice Committee member at the Australian Institute of Architects, and through founding and cultivating Australia’s most widely read business blog for architects,

On this episode, we discuss architecture fee models, the economic landscape for architects, sharing your ideas to educate clients and how architects can borrow from startup culture.

You can help Warwick to make a case for architecture by pledging to the ArchiTeam / RAsP crowdfunding campaign on

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Dave Sharp

Dave is a marketing consultant who gives architecture firms the strategy, tools, and habits they need to attract better clients.

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