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The 10 Most Popular UK Architects on Instagram

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Wondering who the most popular architecture practices in the UK are?

Here are the 10 best UK Architects and architecture firms on Instagram, ranked by their total number of followers.

  1. @zahahadidarchitects - 967,000 followers
  2. @officialnormanfoster - 508,000 followers
  3. @johnpawson - 216,000 followers
  4. @adjaye_visual_sketchbook - 147,000 followers
  5. @david.chipperfield - 72,300 followers
  6. @moco_arch - 57,300 followers
  7. @cannyborlandarchitects - 56,000 followers
  8. @rogersstirkharbour - 44,900 followers
  9. @assembleofficial - 39,500 followers
  10. @hamish.herford - 26,800 followers

Visit the page linked below to see the full Top 100 List.

The 100 Most Followed U.K. Architects

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Dave is a marketing consultant who gives architecture firms the strategy, tools, and habits they need to attract better clients.

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